Is the Vegas Punk House rented by the room hostel style or the whole House rented at one time?

The Punk House is rented exclusively to one person/group of people at a time. We want the guests to have a sense of privacy…and be able to engage in whatever crazy behavior they prefer without being around strangers.

This is not a hotel or B&B. The Vegas Punk House is a private residence that we rent for certain months of the year.

What are the rates?
To comply with Clark County Laws we are only renting the Punk House for 30 days or more at a time. The rate for a month stay is $3,500.

There is also a $1,000 security deposit that will be refunded one week after your stay.

We need a 50% deposit on the total booking fee to secure the date.  You have one week from the time you book to get the 50% deposit to us.

We accept checks, money orders or paypal.


Our cancellation policy requires that you cancel within two weeks of the date you booked.  You will loose 50% of your deposit if you cancel.  If you cancel within the two weeks you will loose your whole deposit.

What does pending mean?  Are those dates available?

Pending means there has been an inquiry for those dates.  They could have been only asked about or they could be in the process of being booked.  The only way we hold dates is when a guest has given a 50% deposit of the rental fee.  If you act quickly you can sometimes nail down a date that someone else is looking at.  We book purely on a first to get a deposit in basis.  Paypal is the quickest method to ensure you get the dates you desire.  I am canceling any pending dates that I don’t hear back about for 2 weeks.

I got a cancellation notice after I filled out the calendar.  Are my dates given to someone else?

No.  I cancel pending dates if I don’t hear from you in response to my emails, if you picked a different date on the calendar than you request in your correspondence, or if I don’t receive a deposit for a couple or hear from you after you’ve already gotten to the booking stage.  Canceled on the calendar does not mean the dates you requested are not available.  I also cancel reservations for single day inquiries.  We have a minimum stay requirement so select multiple days if you are seriously inquiring.  Please feel free to contact me if you feel I made an error in canceling your days.

Can you contact me if a booked date becomes available?

Please let me know if you are interested in being put on our wait list for already booked dates.  It’s only a very slim chance that someone who has put in a deposit will cancel but I’m happy to inform you if they do.

How soon is the final amount due after I have paid my deposit?

The rest of the rental fee including the security deposit is due two weeks before your stay. I will send a welcome email 2 weeks before your arrival.  The final fee is due when you receive that email.

Why is there a security deposit and when will it be refunded?

We have spent a lot of time making the Vegas Punk House a comfortable place for our guests to stay.  The security deposit is there to ensure people take care of the house the same way we do when we stay there with our friends.  Please consider that when making decisions after a few drinks. We will deduct from the security deposit if anything is damaged.  The security deposit will be returned to you within a week after your stay if everything in the house is as it should be.  Again, paypal is the best method.

Is the Vegas Punk House a music venue and/or can it be rented for music events?

The Vegas Punk House is a vacation rental property. Fat Mike’s Vegas House. It is located in a residential area. It is best suited for couples or groups of people (up to 10) on vacation. It is not a place to throw a big party or play really loud music. Bands will not be playing there. The neighbors are gonna hate us enough as it is…

Can I rent the location for a party?

The Vegas Punk House is ideal for small groups of friends. It’s not a location for big parties.

Can I throw my wedding event at the Vegas Punk House…and will Fat Mike marry us?

We love having people stay for wedding parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, any special occasion…And no Fat Mike won’t marry you. The best way to be able to very comfortably afford a stay at the Vegas Punk House is to come with a group of your friends. If you break it down between 6-10 people the rates are very affordable.

What is the sleeping situation exactly?

There is a large Master bedroom suite with a bathroom, a secondary bedroom for couples and a bedroom with punk beds (bunk beds) that sleeps 6. The other two bedrooms share one bathroom. Then there’s always the couch…

Can you take payment in Euros or Pounds?

We can accept direct wire transfers or paypal payments of Euros or Pounds. This is based on the current US conversion rate.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept checks, money orders or Paypal. Paypal ensures the quickest turn around for bookings and return of security deposits.

Are there different rates for peak seasons and holidays?

Currently we are keeping a standard rate year round. The only exception is the week of New Year’s Eve where there is an inflated price. The rates are subject to change in the future.

Do we have to clean up after ourselves?

Maid service is provided after you leave, so please relax and don’t worry about clean up. However, please be respectful of our space.

Are dogs/pets allowed?

Yes. We are a pet friendly house. Please do not bring your pets if they destroy furniture. You will be expected to clean up after your pets. We request a small additional pet deposit.

What is the Paltry Museum?

Our Paltry Museum is a small collection of punk memorabilia and strange punk relics. It’s paltry because there isn’t much to it. We are still accepting weird donations of interesting punk objects.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing your further inquiries. Please let us know how we can make your stay more enjoyable.


Soma Snakeoil
Property Manager and Booking Agent

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